Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 10/11/20

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.

OPEN: SVB Annual State of the Industry Survey
If you’re in the industry, please contribute to this valuable source of insight.

Pandemic Planning — Wineries Cut Costs, Some Change Benefits
What wineries have been doing. Lots.

Amber Gardner on how (not) to nurture women in wine…
Another excellent view into fundamental issues in the  industry.

The value of familiarity in wine
Robert Joseph likes to counter prevailing wisdom.

Napa County faces big cleanup job following Hennessey and Glass fires
Remnants of more than 1000 structures to haul away.

Dino Illuminati: A Remarkable 90 Years in the History of Italian Wine
A remembrance.

Private fire crews in California’s wine country raise concerns over equity and safety
Hard to prevent people trying to save their properties.

Napa, Sonoma wineries damaged in Glass Fire plan path forward
Lots of insurance calls.

A smaller harvest spells trouble for Napa Valley’s agricultural workforce
The ripple effects of fires.

No room to breathe: How an antiquated tax system is killing Ontario’s wineries
Not just an American that’s screwed up in this department.

Bandol Pioneer Lucie Peyraud of Domaine Tempier Dies
One heck of a life. One heck of a woman.

Wine’s Covid Winners and Losers
What’s happened to prices.

2020 has been a turbulent year, but it just might be a special vintage for L.I. winemakers
A good year, it sounds like.

Napa firefighter recounts saving Upvalley winery from fast-moving fire
One of thousands of such heroic moments.

For Northern Rhône Reds, It’s Not the Age but the Emotions
Eric writes a love letter to Syrah.

2019 – Germany’s breakthrough vintage?
But will people start drinking Riesling?

A Vintage Lost?
It appears, mostly.

The Gender Pay Gap: How The Wine Industry Stacks Up
Mixed results.

Napa Valley assesses a fire season that could forever alter its tourism economy
Tough times ahead.

Napa wineries dub a ‘true hero’ of Glass Fire: a winemaker on a stunt motorcycle
An amazing, heart-warming story.

The hundred halters
Jamie Good on the 100 point scale.

Twenty Years that Transformed the Argentine Wine Industry
An extremely informative article.

Low Yields, Smoke Concerns Seen Balancing Pinot Noir Supply
Hard to call it a blessing in disguise. But still.

Glass Fire Being Called Worst In Napa History, With Hundreds of Homes and at Least 20 Wineries Damaged or Destroyed
But it could have been much worse.

Santa Cruz Mountains Winemakers Grapple with Aftermath of Fire
An in-depth article on the region.

Wine Pros Aim to Effect Change Through Vines 4 Votes
Buy wine for good.

A Champion of Burgundy’s Underdog
Robert Camuto talks with Jean-Marc Vincent about Santenay.

Winery Visitation Down 48 Percent in Four Key Regions in August  – Community Benchmark
No surprise. We gotta get it back up.

Family, Friends Save St. Helena Winery From Glass Fire
Dangerous, but ultimately successful action.

The Winemakers Behind England’s Sparkling Future
Anne Krebiehl profiles a few.

Here Are 12 Covid-era Wine Consumer Trends
None surprising, most depressing.

Wine Distributor Jailed for Fraud After Using Reality TV to Lure Investors
Shark Tank can’t smell a rat.

After back-to-back wildfires, some Napa winemakers won’t make a 2020 vintage
Many will not.

Is Napa’s wine-based economy too one-sided? Some argue for diversification
But only economic diversity is being discussed.

Why you should buy South African wine
Jancis makes the case.

Just when we need a drink, the U.S. wine industry faces an existential threat
A good rundown, with excellent photos.

8 Best Wines Made by Sommeliers
A collection of some excellent labels.

Immigrant Workers Make ‘Wine Country’ Possible. Now Many Have Evacuated.
Give this one a listen.

Wine Country Starts Picking Up the Pieces
Just in time for the next red flag warning

What It’s Like to Be a Black Man Working in the Wine Industry
Invisible, for starters.

UK Wine Industry Steps into the Unknown
And so it begins

How Winemakers Craft Clean Natural Wines
Interestingly many of these techniques are looked at as “interventions”

Up in smoke
This is a remarkable article with incredible visual data. Must read.

An Estimated 80% of Napa’s Cabernet May Be Lost to Fire and Smoke
Elin McCoy gets estimates from winemakers

Wildfires Destroy Homes and Iconic Wineries in Northern California Wine Country
In which I and my sister have a brief cameo.