Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 5/23/21

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.

Rioja leaves bad taste in the mouth for Basque winemakers
Another breakaway.

The end of the Grosslage
Someone else takes a run at explaining the new German Wine law. And ends up thankful they dropped out of law school.

Is California Sparkling Wine’s Pandemic-Induced Roller Coaster Ride Ending On A High In 2021?
But don’t call it a bubble.

What Does ‘Minerality’ Mean in Wine?
A primer, of sorts.

California Winemaker Jim Clendenen Dies at 68
Matt Kettman pens another obituary.

Indigenous North American grapevines, not the standard European varieties, may be California wine’s answer to climate change
Esther Mobley finds some hybrids that she likes.

Why it’s smart to order the second-cheapest wine on the menu
The urban myth dispelled.

Lawsuits Looming for Online Wine Retailers
Predatory lawsuits are icky. But ADA compliance is super important.

Blockchain Technology, Fraud Prevention and the Future of Wine
Lauren Mowery is authenticated.

The Argentine Winemakers with Rock Star Appeal
And fancy portraits to prove it.

Ōse Winery Helping Fukushima Rebuild Its Brand
Needs all the help it can get.

Estimated $2.5 million in damage from Napa’s Bronco Wine Company fire
$2.5 million buck chuck.

Tasting Fees Skyrocket in Wine Country
Unfortunately true. But you’re also getting more for the price.

How Wine Grapes Are Uprooting Trees in China’s Green Great Wall
Vines versus the government.

Drinking around the world: The rise and rise of Thai wine
Two harvests a year.

Wine Country Mayor Finally Resigns Following Ninth Allegation of Sexual Assault
And good riddance.

South Africa welcomes ‘exceptional’ wine harvest (and it’s a whopper)
A glimmer of good news.

‘Instagram Wine Influencer’ Accused of Throwing Pig’s Blood On Chauvin Witness’ Former Home In Santa Rosa
You can’t make these headlines up.

Why Wineries Should Consider Making More Sweet Wine, According To New E&J Gallo Study
Because people like sweet, even though they say they don’t.

12 Questions for Terry Theise
From simple to complicated.

Chinese wine explained
A primer.

Vine theft in Alsace
But the thief has since turned himself in.

US Sustainable Winegrowing Summit: How To Explain Sustainability To Consumers?
It’s… complicated.

It’s time to counter fine wine’s historic hostility to Black people.
Long past time.

Is big data always needed in the wine industry?
The cloud is sometimes…. cloudy.

Wineries lament cannabis grows in Santa Ynez Valley
Tough to stop progress.

California North Coast vintner claims smoky grapes ruined its tanks; grower alleges winery is holding up sales
He said, she said.

200-Year-Old Bottle of Wine Intended for Napoleon Sells for $30,000—And It’s Still Drinkable

Michigan wine shipping lawsuit targets Napa vintner, 3 others
I, for one, welcome this showdown.

A Letter from Burgundy: The good friends of Burgundy’s 2017 vintage
Sarah Marsh goes local.

Wine in the year of Covid: Consumption down, production up, says OIV
Stats from the OIV.