The Best Way to Preserve An Open Bottle of Wine

One of the top queries on Google that brings people to this site is one of a number of variations on “how long does an open bottle of wine last.” I wrote an article a while back to provide my own definitive answer for this question.

But then the folks at Coravin sent me their latest product, Pivot, and as a result, there’s now a coda to that story.

I used Pivot for several weeks and then the folks at Coravin paid me to write an article about what I thought of the device.

For a company that, in the grand tradition of razors and blades, makes its money selling small cartridges of inert gas, it’s a brilliant idea that nests beautifully under the mission of helping wine lovers enjoy the wine they want, when they want, in the best possible condition. Watch out, Private Preserve, your days are numbered.

Thankfully, Pivot is a fantastically handy gadget, especially for anyone who likes to have several bottles of wine open in the fridge at any given time, or for anyone who likes to finish a bottle over the course of several nights and wants it to be in pristine condition as they do so.

Head on over to the Coravin site and read what I thought about Pivot.