Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 7/25/21

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.

Flood comes for the Ahr and its winemakers
Excellent story on the devastation

Long Read: Floods in the Ahr valley – A tale of destruction and solidarity
More in-depth coverage.

Destruction in the Ahr Valley
And more.

Tastings in Wine Country Will Never Be the Same – On the Menu: Deep Dives, Deeper Pockets and a VW Bus
Dottie and John on the future of wine tourism.

After Floods, German Winemakers Look to Rebuild
Unsurprising resilience.

See why Germany’s Ahr wine region needs our help
How to donate.

Diners Loved Wine to Go During the Pandemic; Some States Will Keep It While Others Pull the Plug
Long live wine to go.

What Does ‘Linear’ Mean in Wine?
Another confounding term.

The Truth About Gluten-Free Wine
Amen, and hallelujah. Clean Wine is a scam.

How an American Made an Italian Region Famous
AKA how a Lambrusco fortune created Brunello.

What’s Behind the Biggest Breakup in Sparkling Wine?
The departure from Cava.

How Jean-Luc Colombo’s Passion for Vin de Garde Transformed the Cornas Appellation
A nice portrait of a producer.

Wines And Hip Hop on a Desert Island
Some interesting choices.

Chardonnay-Under-the-Sea Goes a Bit Too Far Even in Wine Country
The world may be your oyster, but the ocean ain’t your wine cellar, says gov’t.

“Crystal Clear” – The Alpine Nebbiolos of Ar.Pe.Pe with Isabella Pelizzatti Perego
Who doesn’t love

How a Former Pro Rugby Star Found a Second Calling as a World-Renowned Winemaker
The story of Gerard Betrand.

Can ‘Do-Nothing Farming’ Produce Quality Wine?
The next frontier of radical viticulture.

By the Bottle: Dan Petroski
Alfonso asks, Dan answers.

The Best New Wines From Champagne Don’t Have Any Bubbles at All
Sara Schneider on Roederer’s new still wines.

The Land of Barolo Produces Surprisingly Ageworthy White Wines
Old Arneis makes me happy.

What They’re Drinking in Melbourne
Wish I was in Melbourne, drinking.

Swapping Chardonnay for Cabernet in Napa
Blake Gray speculates on a big land buy.

I Can Still Taste and Smell the Cellars of Bordeaux
Because new oak is insidious?

Clare Tooley, MW Weighs-in on Wine-Weed Cohesion
A conflict, but not a fait accompli.

Why Brad and Angelina can’t sell French wine chateau amid divorce wars
Gossip gossip gossip.

A Dry Argument: Wine, Irrigation and Terroir
Dry farming continues to gain adherents.

Check In: Racial Inclusivity in the Wine Industry, Part 2
A brief survey of ongoing efforts.

One Of The Oldest Wine Producing Countries Growing Grapes In Conflict Zones—The Reemergence Of Armenia
Armenia rocks.

The Changing Style of Israeli Wine
An update on the current state of the desert.

California Winery Owner Arrested over Lobbying

Penfolds’ Peter Gago: ‘People say we’re getting too big. I say look at the results’
The juggernaut.

Felicity Carter Tackles Clean Wine In The Circle’s “Let’s Talk About” Webinar
Meg rounds up Felicity’s fact focus.

Counterfeit wine seized in Europe police crackdown
Supposed to be Sassicaia.

California says goodbye to ‘the Godfather of Barbera’
RIP Dick Cooper.

Amanda Barnes: 5 reasons why Itata will be Chile’s next big thing
I agree.

Coming out for rosé: why you should get behind the pink wine revival

By The Bottle: Zachary Sussman
Alfonso asks, Zachary answers.