Rethinking the Backyard BBQ Wine

A group of mature adults enjoy grilling some food and a nice glass of wine on their patio deck. Fun and relaxation with friends at its best.

We do a lot of grilling at my house, especially in the summer months. Now that we’ve moved across the Bay, we actually get to experience summer months, instead of Mark Twain’s “coldest winter” between June and September in San Francisco.

As you might imagine, we open a bit of wine when we’re cooking in the backyard, and between those meals and my tendency to lug bottles along to other people’s cookouts (now that we’re having cookouts again) I’ve enjoyed a wide range of wines in the context of backyard barbecues. I’ve also not enjoyed a lot of wines that were supposedly the “right pairing” for grilled meats with sauce, etc.

Consequently, I have some opinions about this whole idea of wines for summer grilling. Unsurprisingly, those opinions run counter to the prevailing wisdom about what makes for a good BBQ wine.

So when the folks at Coravin asked me if I had anything to say about the topic, well, wouldn’t you know it, I managed to come up with 1400 words or so.

Check out what I think makes for an enjoyable BBQ wine on the Coravin site.

Image courtesy of Coravin.