Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 8/15/20

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.

California Drought: Wine Country Vineyard Struggles To Stay Afloat After Well Runs Dry
Tough times ahead for some.

Taxes, Tiers and Other Ways Prohibition Still Restricts U.S. Wine
Too many restrictions.

Natural Wine and the Debate Over ‘Healthy’ Alcohol
Hard to parse facts from wishful thinking.

Sweet Visciolata and the Fleeting Joys of Summer
What nostalgia tastes like. A beautiful piece.

The Enduring Appeal of Buttery Chardonnay
The wine geeks love to hate is still going strong.

Meet the wine world’s celebrity pruner
And his 4 principles. Very cool story.

There’s wine. Then there’s natural wine. Then there’s ‘zero-zero’ wine
The fringe within the fringe.

White Zinfandel, the Acid-Washed Jeans of Wine
It’s back, baby!

Delaware’s Burgeoning Wine Industry is at a Precipice
The threats are myriad.

It’s a Wine Store for Billionaires, But You Can Shop There Too
I always stop in when I’m in London.

Meet Manhattan’s New Guard of Wine Pros
This is a great story.

5 Must-Have Books for Every Wine Lover’s Library
An interesting list.

Pinotage, the World’s Most Divisive Wine
There are good ones to be had, for sure.

Climate Change Forces California Winemakers to Reconsider What Grapes Grow Where
Time for an update of the Winkler Index.

Move Over Goats. Cattle are the New Fire Fighters in Town
Interesting story.

Wine from Germany’s flood zone gives hope for future
Small hope is still hope.

Fires Threaten Greek Wine Revival
Just when things were getting good.

Colorado’s Ghost Towns Are Taking Over Instagram Thanks to Its Booming Wine Scene, Chic Bars, and Charming Hotels
That’s a helluva title line.

A Walk on Wine’s Wild Side
Not all those who wander are lost.

Do Low-Yield Vines Really Make Better Wines?
Science says no. So do most winemakers.

Wine scientists running studies to combat smoke exposure
We still need a solution.

Drought, frost, heat blamed for light Mendocino County wine grape crop
The locusts, so far, haven’t arrived.

‘A focus on quality’: Mexico’s wine industry bears fruit in revival of tradition
There are some good wines being made there.

LA’s Little-Known Winemaking History Dates Back 200 Years, And It’s Still Alive Today
Hollywood and Vine had vineyards.

Mark Tarlov, Hollywood Producer Turned Oregon Vintner, Dies at Age 69
A much beloved figure.

By the bottle: Anthony D’Anna
Another good drinking companion profiled.

A Tale of Two Vineyards
A really great article, and important for the times.

Challenging The Old Order
Tim Atkin muses.

Natural is Good; Natural and Socially Just is Better

Champagne crisis bubbles up in Hamptons
Clutch your pearls.

Dry farming a vineyard: What it is, how to do it and why it exists
Lessons from Dominus.

A Healdsburg winery’s glitzy job contest promised $10,000 a month. It was a stunt – and it worked

28-Year-Old Wins Viral Wine Contest; Receives $10,000 Monthly Salary and Free Rent For A Year
A profile of one of the winners.