Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 11/7/21

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.

To Each According To Their Salary?
A very interesting argument.

5 Books for a Lifetime of Wine Adventures
A few good memoirs.

The new cult vineyards of South America
Amanda Barnes makes the list.

The Future of Swiss Wine
If only we had some to drink.

Beyond grower Champagne: where have all the growers gone?
Interesting perspectives.

The Drop’s Wine Horoscopes for November 2021
Your monthly dose of guidance.

The Angela and Erna show
Two of many worthy recipients.

South African Chardonnay Will Blow You Away
There are some excellent examples there for sure.

Wine Sulfites and Why People Argue About Them
Endlessly frustrating.

It’s High Time to Be a Pelaverga Fan
Crunchy reds from the Piedmont hills still under $40. What’s not to love?

Climate Change Threatens Wine, and a Way of Life, in Jura
Not just the Jura, unfortunately.

Is It Time to Retire “Rustic”?
Only if it’s time to retire “cherry.”

Wine In Peru Struggles For Recognition, But Bright Future In Sight
But can it top Pisco?

Wine expert says his removal from elite wine group for alleged sexual harassment violated due process
Due process, as if this were a legal proceeding and not a club deciding to boot one of its members.

The Texas Wine Industry Is at a Crossroads
At least they’re facing the right way in the saddle these days.

The weight of that wine bottle doesn’t indicate quality, and it’s hurting the planet

Is There Smoke In My Wine? Caldor Fire’s Impact On El Dorado County Wine Harvest
They got hit hard this year.

Column: They say their ocean-aged wine is magic in a bottle. We put that claim to the test
In my experience it makes a difference. But is it worth it?

A Threat Intelligence Analyst Says These 3 Wines Are Perfect
Nice profile of an emerging voice.

Meet the Woman Blending the Traditional and the Modern in French Winemaking
Fun to see a wine piece in Marie Claire magazine.

Jamie Goode: Why regenerative viticulture is important
Soil is everything.

Lighten Up – How to Bury the Heavy Wine Bottle
Tax them, says Robert Joseph.

Meet the New Faces of One of the World’s Oldest Wine Regions
Fresh faces in Bordeaux.

The Surprisingly Long History of Arsenic in Wine
A nice in-depth piece.

UC Davis Specialist Anita Oberholster Says Marijuana Odor Effect on Wine Grapes Should Be Studied

Three evolving styles of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc
The old, the new (oak), and the natural.

Regenerative Agriculture: A Winemaker Strikes Back
Jason Haas says it ain’t useless marketing.

When a Vine Walks the Line Between Sweet and Dry Wines, That’s Amore
Two-faced vineyards rock. But what about the Loire?

IWCA Open Letter: 22 CEOs and Senior Leaders of International Wineries for Climate Action Call on Wine Industry to Decarbonize

Historically low world wine production expected
Tough year.

Freshness in Barossa
Jancis finds acidity down under.

Washington wineries work to weather the challenges of climate change
Same challenges as California.

Will the World Run Out of Champagne? Don’t Panic
Not even close.

Napa Valley’s Atlas Peak AVA rebuilds, rebounds
Great potential.

This Veteran-Owned Winery Serves Community Through Viticulture
What an awesome concept.