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Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 5/21/23

Hello, and welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard-inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.

How Mycorrhizal Fungi Create More Drought-Resistant Grapevines
The final frontier of viticulture.

Growing Biodynamically in Washington State
A survey of sorts.

How sommeliers, Arizona winemakers and new bars help Phoenix’s wine scene flourish
A tight ecosystem.

The Desert Island Wine
A great piece by my friend and Poland’s first MW.

Will Ayze Gringet Continue to Sparkle?
Wink checks in on a post-Belluard Ayze.

How A Hong Kong Conference From Hell Upended the World of Fine Wine
The beginning of the revolution.

Shooting Star: India’s Sole Master of Wine
An interview.

B.C. weather issues present challenges for this year’s crop
Anthony Gismondi reports.

Hailstorms blaze a trail of destruction through Provence
Climate chaos reigns.

How I Got My Job: Founding a Hip and Sustainable Canned Wine Company
An interview with the founder of Nomadica.

Scientists use gold nanoparticles to get the stink out of wine
Or you could just use a copper penny.

Esteemed Loire Valley winemaker Jacky Blot passes away
A sad loss.

The mysterious story behind one of Napa’s quirkiest wines
Esther Mobley chases down Flora.

Weed Wine Is an Underground Favorite. Can It Survive the Gummy Era?
Eric Asimov talks weed wine.

Exclusive: Domaine Clarence Dillon buys Sean Thackrey’s ‘unparalleled’ wine library
Excellent home.

‘Wine’s gladiators are then thrown to wine’s lions…’
Andrew Jefford on the world sommelier championships.

The Coming of Cool-Climate Grenache
A boon for anyone who appreciates crunchy wines.

The evolving style of Pinot Noir in British Columbia
An evolution well underway.

Shot from Burgundy wins top prize at Wine Photographer of the Year awards
Always fun to see these.

Sustainable Viticulture Is A Big Topic In Greece. Here’s What Wineries Are Doing About It.
Lauren Mowery reports.

Despite Frost and Fire, South American Vintners Are Happy with Harvest
Rough vintage to be sure.

Chile harvest report 2023: ‘A year that kept you on your toes’
More on Chile.

Wine Country and the Silicon Valley Bank Hangover
A recap.

What It’s Like Being a Wine Critic During Bordeaux’s Big Week
Elin McCoy shares a bit of a journal.

Meet the Wine Pro Behind Drops of God
Deborah Parker Wong interviews Sébastien Pradal.

Farmworkers march to site of posh Healdsburg wine event to demand hazard pay

‘Worst we’ve ever seen.’ Frost threatens Finger Lakes wines, grape harvest
Small harvest coming.

East Coast wineries assessing losses after late frost turns May morning into a ‘bad dream’
Not just the FLX.

Scrapping EU law could create ‘£180m boost’ for UK wine industry
Yeah but…. scrapping the health code would save restaurateurs money, too.

The Growing Movement Behind ‘Long Charmat’ Sparkling Wine
Pretty expensive proposition.

Master of Wine Exams are 70 Years Old. See How They’ve Changed
Sketch a label? Sheesh.

One Wine at a Time: Sustainable Packaging Is Slowly Making Inroads
Needs to go faster.

A Modern Wine Region Emerges Amid Turkey’s Ancient Ruins
Tasty stuff.

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