I’ll Drink to That!: Neil Empson Shifted Gears Into Wine

There’s a new episode of the I’ll Drink to That! podcast. Episode 493 features Neil Empson, the founder of Empson & Co., an exporter of wines, largely from Italy.

Neil Empson wasn’t always exporting top Italian wines from Piemonte and Tuscany. For a while, he was busy exchanging vintage Ferraris for suitcases of cash from international spies. Which job has been more glamorous, wine sales or Ferrari sales? It is hard to say, as Neil has at one time or another been associated with the likes of Gaja, Sassicaia, Montevertine, Fiorano, and Conti Costanti. After his youthful days playing rugby and driving 160 kph on the autostrada, Neil helped change the market for fine Italian wine in the United States. Oh, and he coined the term “Super Tuscan” that everybody uses.

Neil, now retired, sits down to recall his days in the fast lane of Italian wine sales in episode 493 of the I’ll Drink to That! podcast.

Episode 493 is available on many listening platforms, including at these links:

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