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Vinography Images: Walking the Rows

Dan O’Brien of Gail Wines walks the rows of a Sonoma Valley vineyard to check for grape ripeness. Gail Wines

Vinography Images: Poised for Action

A team of vineyard workers stands ready to pick in the morning mist at Neal Family Vineyards on Napa’s Howell

Vinography Images: Coombsville Cool

Famed winemaker Andy Erickson strolls down a vineyard row in Coombsville. One of Napa’s coolest AVAs, Coombsville is also one

Vinography Images: On Their Way

A cluster of Chardonnay grapes ripens at Durell Vineyard in Sonoma County. Durrell was transformed from a cattle ranch into

Vinography Images: Frost Fighter

The slope of a vineyard curves smoothly against the sky towards a low point occupied by a frost fan at

Vinography Images: Night Light

A tractor rigged with lights prepares for an early morning pick in the To Kalon Vineyard in Oakville. Arguably Napa’s

Vinography Images: The Haze

Sunlight filters through the haze across Sonoma Valley, as smoke from the Camp Fire in Butte County settles over the

Vinography Images: Fill ‘Er Up

A barrel marked for filling rests under familiar hands at Eden Rift Vineyards in the Cienega Valley south of Gilroy,

Vinography Images: The Blend

A graduated cylinder measures out a precise portion of wine during a blending session at Dalla Valle Vineyards in Napa

Vinography Images: Ready for The New

New organic plantings take hold in the Terraces Vineyard at Mayacamas, pruned and ready for the year’s new growth. The

Vinography Images: Lens to the Sky

Sunrise colors creep down the Mayacamas Range towards the floor of Napa Valley as seen from Pritchard Hill, with the

Vinography Images: Light and Shadow

Sunlight illuminates the edges of new oak barrels as shadows fill the rest of the cellar at Dalla Valle Vineyards

Vinography Images: Morning View

The morning sun creeps up the end posts of one of Kistler’s vineyards in the hills, looking down on the

Vinography Images: Old and New

Rolling hills in Carneros off of Dealy Lane show the fading colors of autumn grape vines even as the fresh

Vinography Images: Winter is Coming

The vines have done their work for the season, and are headed for sleep. Scraggly canes and dried tendrils make

Vinography Images: Dangerous Work

A vineyard worker smokes on the job during a pre-dawn pick of white grapes in a Napa Vineyard. Vineyard work

Vinography Images: Press Art

Stains mark the metal of a wine press atop Napa’s Howell Mountain. With harvest completed, most wineries have moved on

Vinography Images: Silent Partner

An active Pinot Noir fermentation bubbles and foams at Kistler in Forestville, CA as yeasts do their work. Winemakers get

Vinography Images: Feel the Flavor

A Cabernet pumpover proceeds at Covert Estate in the Coombsville AVA of Napa Valley. The French term is remontage, which