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I’ll Drink to That: Haley Moore of Stock & Bones

Episode 393 of I’ll Drink to That! was released recently and features Haley Moore, who is the Wine and Spirits

2012 ZAP Zinfandel Festival: January 26-28, 2012

Dark fruit in short days berries bitter sweet and young pass your smiling lips. It’s that time of year again.

Joy of Sake Tasting 2010: San Francisco 9/9, and NYC 9/23

I absolutely love the fact that we’ve reached a point in this country where I don’t need to explain why

The Best Wines of the Year: Tasting the Wine & Spirits Top 100

The difference between a good public wine tasting and a bad one can be quite dramatic. The bad ones are

Masters of Wine Champagne Tasting: September 28, San Francisco

I need to come clean about something. It wasn’t too many years ago that I really didn’t care for Champagne.

SF Chefs. Food. Wine. Weekend: August 6-9, San Francisco

For a town as food and wine rich as San Francisco is, the city has few large public celebrations of

The Best Pinot Noir in California?: Tasting Pinot Days 2009

The Pinot Days grand tasting event, which took place yesterday at Fort Mason in San Francisco, brings together one of

Marin County Pinot Noir Tasting: June 13, Larkspur

Most of the major appellations of California tend to have their own large tastings, where members of the public have

The Best Zinfandel in California: Tasting ZAP 2009

In this tough economic climate, people are spending less on the discretionary side of their budgets. If you had asked

I Don’t Understand San Francisco Wine Week

Perhaps I’m just getting too old, but I can’t for the life of me really understand what San Francisco Wine

The Joy of Sake 2008 Tasting: October 23, San Francisco

I absolutely love the fact that we’ve reached a point in this country where I don’t need to explain why

Wine & Spirits Top 100 Tasting: October 14, San Francisco

I’ve beat the drum a lot about public wine tastings, but there’s just no getting around the fact that they

San Francisco’s FallFest 2008: October 11, San Francisco

It seems like every major city has dozens of food and wine festivals every year. San Francisco, compared to many

Sake Day Tasting: October 1, San Francisco

Japan has given many things to the world that I cherish, but few of them have an unofficial holiday that

Slow Food Nation Wine and Food Event: Aug 29 – Sept 1, San Francisco

It’s a pretty good time to be alive. I don’t find myself often wishing that I had lived in earlier

Best Brunch in San Francisco

Brunch is about indulgence. There’s nothing quite so gratifying as sleeping as late as you want on the weekend, and

Pinot Days Festival and Tasting: June 26-29, San Francisco

It’s hard to believe there was once a time that San Francisco had no major public wine tasting focused on

Golden Glass Tasting: June 8th, San Francisco

There aren’t many “secret” public wine tastings in San Francisco, but for several years, the Golden Glass tasting was about

Wines of Portugal Tasting: April 22, San Francisco

I’m a little late to the game on this one folks, so apologies for the last minute notification. But if