Menu For Hope Prizes Announced…Friday 1/11

mfhlogosmall_2.jpgDearest readers, I’m sorry to disappoint you. I know many of you are rushing here to see if you won one of the amazing, fabulous prizes as part of this year’s Menu For Hope charity raffle. Indeed, the prizes were due to be announced mere hours from now, but as happens sometimes (always), Murphy’s Law reigned supreme and we need a few more days to prepare this announcement.

I won’t bore you with the details (broken computers, etc.) but while we haven’t suffered a disaster, we certainly have suffered a delay, and won’t be announcing the prize winners until Friday 1/11.

So please sit tight until then, dream of your desired prize, and marvel at the fact that a bunch of bloggers and YOU raised $91,188.00 for the UN World Food Programme in just two short weeks. That, my friends, is indeed a miracle.

Thanks for your support, and your continued patience.