A Glass of Wine to Keep You Sane

I’ve long said that wine helps me maintain my sanity. Well it turns out I may have been more right than I know. Researchers have recently discovered that while it doesn’t necessarily make me smarter (damn!), it may help me stave off dementia or whatever special breed of insanity waits for me in my old age. Chalk up another superpower for wine.

Of course like all studies, this one has its limitations. Thankfully it wasn’t performed on lab rats, but actually featured real people. Norweigans, specifically — about 5000 of them. So the surest way to make sure that your cognitive abilities don’t decline in old age would be to move to Norway, drink a lot of wine, and presumably eat lots of Lutefisk.

Interestingly, the study suggested that wine consumption only aided women’s cognitive function (and beer consumption had negative effects) both wine and beer consumption enhanced men’s cognitive function over time.

And the men of the world rejoiced.

The real question is whether or not the study is more broadly applicable beyond Norway, but just to be safe, I’m going to keep drinking wine. How about you?

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