I’ll Drink to That: Bernhard Stadlmann of Weingut Stadlmann

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Episode 312 of I’ll Drink to That! has been released and it features Bernhard Stadlmann of Weingut Stadlmann, in Austria’s Thermenregion.

This is the everything Zierfandler interview, although Rotgipler slips in there for some discussion as well. These are grape varieties that the Stadlmann family has specialized in for generations at their winery, and you definitely get the sense from Bernhard that they don’t plan on making changes anytime soon. Stadlmann as a winery makes some of the most esteemed versions of these grape varieties, but the group of consumers who know about them at all is small indeed. Even Austrian wine fans often have never heard of Zierfandler, or the Thermenregion area where it is a native grape variety. If you happen to be in the same camp, there is no better opportunity than to learn about it from one of the top producers, and Bernhard patiently explains the characteristics of his region and the wines from there. There are several aspects to the discussion that might be surprising if you don’t know about them already, such as the limestone bedrock which runs through the Thermenregion, or the long aging curve of Zierfandler. If you are ready to hear about something different than the normal, and which also happens to be really tasty, this is a good interview to seek out.

This episode features a Warm Up from Erin on Rotgipfler and Beyond.

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