I’ll Drink to That: Nicoletta Bocca of San Fereolo

Episode 359 of I’ll Drink to That! was released recently. It features Nicoletta Boca of the San Fereolo winery in the Piemonte of Italy. San Fereolo is within the Dogliani area of the Piemonte, where the specialty is Dolcetto.

San Fereolo is one of a handful of wineries in the world that have a special way with Dolcetto. While many might consider Dolcetto a light wine, perfect for filling in the gaps between more serious offers, the evidence from San Fereolo defeats impression. Instead, they are wines of reflection that will reward attention and time. In owner Nicoletta Bocca’s view, the quality and ageability of her wines are owed to the various terroirs of her particular area, and it is fascinating to hear her speak about approaching the blend of a wine at the vineyard level. She looks for parcels that might compliment the finished wine, instead of trying to shape what she receives in some other way counter to the vineyards. That might all amount to a nice sentiment if the wines weren’t so good, but as they are tremendous there is likely something to be said for her approach. More amazingly, these are wines that can be purchased cheaply indeed, and one of her prized Dolcetto retails for less than $16 a bottle. Of course, this kind of pricing is appealing to consumers, but Nicoletta also explains the downside of what it implies for the region she lives and works in. If you want a real insider’s tour of the Piemonte, beyond the big names, Nicoletta should be at the top of your list of confidants. Certainly, she speaks her mind in this interview.

This episode also includes a thoughtful Warm-Up from Erin on the hierarchy of grape varieties.

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