Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 6/6/21

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.

Post-Pandemic, Wine Writers Prepare for a More Diverse and Delicious Future
Wine writers talking to wine writers.

What They’re Drinking in Paris
Yes, it’s natural. But wait, there’s more.

After Tragedy, Italy’s Taurasi Wines Rise Again
Taurus ascending?

Why Wine Lovers Are Flocking to Portuguese Wines
Catnip. Mmmmmm.

The Original Rock Star Rosé Makes a Comeback
One of my first loves, when it comes to wine.

Perfume and Wine
Luca Turin writes amazing tasting notes.

Climate Challenge for German Riesling
But which will fail first? German Riesling or California Cabernet?

Italy’s Winemakers Barrel Ahead With Chestnut
Super cool story about a super cool guy.

Debunking the Myth of Wine Travel Shock
I need a bit more evidence before I’m willing to say it’s debunked.

Is That Wine Sweet or Dry?
The oft-confused terms, defined.

I Used To Steal Verdicchio, Then It Stole Me
How wine really works in life. Lovely tale.

By the Bottle: Ian D’Agata
Alfonso asks D’Agata answers.

How A Nearly Extinct Portuguese Wine Grape Was Rescued By A Soccer Player
Interesting story.

What does ‘vin vivant’ mean when referring to wine-making?
Oh lord, let this not become a thing.

What’s the deal with NFTs and wine?
You won’t understand them any more after reading.

Thinking Wholistically About Pizza, T-Rex, and Wine
Robert Joseph writes a guest post for Jeff Slater

Please Do Not Let “Wine Racism” (over a grape!) Become a Thing
Amber skewers a ridiculous article attacking Lettie Teague.

Phil Mickelson, wine influencer? This $450 Napa Cab is selling out after golfer drinks it from trophy
Beware the power of instagram.

Why Australia’s Latest Wines Are Making Waves
The LoFi reverb continues.

Rioja Emerges as an Affordable Substitute for High-End Bordeaux
But people don’t want just the taste, they actually want the price tag.

The evolving language of wine
It needs to evolve.

10 Wines that Forever Changed the How the World Sees Italian Wine
Alfonso remembers.

Idaho wine: fresh, fruit-forward and great value
If only they’d start using less oak.

Kylie wines: Andrew Jefford meets the star and tastes the range
Another celebrity wine brand. But if Andrew Jefford likes them…

An Arkansas agriculture mogul just bought his sixth name-brand Napa winery
The buying spree continues.

Budapest’s Natural Wine Scene Embraces Hungary’s Roots
Yes, but will the government even let them sell it?

One Of The Greatest Wine Producers In Spain Has Set Firm Roots In Tokaj, Hungary
The story of Oremus.

Catastrophic Tank Collapse Destroys 250,000 Liters of South African Wine
Ouch. A tragedy. Thank heavens no one was hurt.

The Ancient Origins of Beer Geeks and Wine Snobs
Blame Pliny.

Elizabeth Banks, Houseguest From Hell, Stars in New Ad for Luxe Canned Wine Brand
It’s pretty rare to see brilliant advertising about wine. Savor this.

Winemakers to pour $4 million into Smithsonian’s popular American Food History Project
Warren Winiarski is the dude.

We Asked Wine Pros: What Are the Best Trends in Wine Right Now?
Quotes from various pros.

The Surprising Story of Oregon’s Other Pinot
Getting more popular by degrees.

Why You Should Be Drinking Wine Made on Volcanoes
Because it’s booming.

The Funky, Floral Rise of Orange Wine in Texas
Because it goes with BBQ.

Asylum-seekers help produce Italy’s famous Brunello wine
“Immigrants. We get the job done.”

Jura’s Pelican Takes Flight
Now making 11 different wines.

Rare bottles of wine crafted by Holocaust victims to be put on auction
If you don’t know the Jewish roots of Tokaj, you should.

A Tasting Tour of the Greek Islands’ Best Natural Wineries
Yes, please.

Monks of France’s first papal vineyard sell wine to help local community
Wine for the people.

This LA Wine Woman Knows Nostalgia and Daring Go a Long Way — How Caitlin Cutler Makes Ronan Sing
Sing, Cutler, sing!