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Napa’s New Investor of Note

When properties trade monthly for double-digit millions, it takes a lot of money to raise eyebrows in a place like

You Don’t Have to Like Bordeaux, No Matter What Old White Men Say

This past weekend, I celebrated my 25th college reunion and had a ball reconnecting with old friends and exploring the

Three Small Steps Forward

Understanding the byzantine nature of wine laws in the United States involves thinking not in terms of 50 separate states,

Bubbly Off the Beaten Track

Sparkling wine has long been associated with celebration. The ephemeral nature of the jewel-like bubbles seems to suit our ways

Putting Time in a Bottle

One of the more remarkable and romantic aspects of wine will always be its unbreakable connection with time. Most winemakers

California 2020: A Lawyer’s Vintage

The 2020 vintage was, quite simply, a disaster for California wine. But until recently, quantifying just how badly the fires affected

Natural Wine is Now Legal: Hungarian Wine Law Joins the Modern World

Last August, I wrote a story here that didn’t make me very happy, but needed to be written. A friend

Wineries Should Require Proof of Vaccination to Taste Indoors

If New York City restaurants can require their indoor dining guests to provide proof of vaccination, why can’t wineries? Mask

Rethinking the Backyard BBQ Wine

We do a lot of grilling at my house, especially in the summer months. Now that we’ve moved across the

That Heat Dome: How Are Vines Coping?

On 29 June, as the so-called heat dome settled over British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon, the weather station near the Red

Dominik Sona

I’ll Drink to That: Winemaker Dominik Sona

Episode 487 of I’ll Drink to That! features winemaker Dominik Sona of Koehler-Ruprecht. Koehler-Ruprecht is a winery located in the

back label of Mayacamas kosher wine

Napa Goes Kosher

I’m a particularly bad (read: unobservant and unbelieving) Jew, but I’ve written my share of articles on kosher wines over

The Best Way to Preserve An Open Bottle of Wine

One of the top queries on Google that brings people to this site is one of a number of variations

California Runs Dry

Over the last year or two, the ubiquitous two-word phrase ‘climate change’ has, with increasing frequency, been replaced with the

Vaccinating Wine Country

A palpable sense of relief has descended upon northern California wine country. On Wednesday 7 April the counties of Napa,

George Skouras

I’ll Drink to That: Winemaker George Skouras

Episode 486 of I’ll Drink to That! features George Skouras of Domaine Skouras. Domaine Skouras is a winery located in

During the Pandemic, Corkage is a Crime

I didn’t think I needed to write this article. Esther Mobley of the San Francisco Chronicle wrote a spot-on piece

wine glass

Wine Tariffs to Be Replaced by Wine Glass Tariffs?!

First they came for our imported wines and sparkling wines. With a herculean effort and a bit of luck we

Robert Vifian

I’ll Drink To That: Chef Robert Vifian

Episode 485 of I’ll Drink to That! features Chef Robert Vifian. Robert is the chef and co-owner of Tan Dinh,