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A portrait of Kevin Zraly

I’ll Drink to That: Wine Educator and Sommelier Kevin Zraly

Episode 480 of I’ll Drink to That! was released recently, and it features Kevin Zraly. Kevin is the former Cellar

gauge showing high alcohol

The Wine World is Prejudiced Against Higher Alcohols

I must begin by saying quite clearly that I am not, myself, free from prejudice. Let me give you an

The First Day of the Rest of My Life

“So when are you going to quit your day job and focus on wine?” Everyone from close friends to well-meaning

I’ll Drink to That: Winemaker Christopher Howell

Episode 479 of I’ll Drink to That! was released recently, and it features Christopher Howell. Howell is the winemaker and

Debating Terry Theise on Wine and Food Pairing

Terry Theise wrote a response to my slightly provocative piece on the the fact that food and wine pairing is

Terry Theise Takes Up My Wine & Food Pairing Gauntlet

The other day I penned a bit of a screed, on a topic that I continually encounter in two forms:

Sommeliers in Self-Isolation

Estimates vary, but according to some sources, restaurants employed 13.5 million Americans last year. That means that at least 8%

The Five Virtues of a Wine Lover

When I speak to many wine drinkers, they often express a similar sentiment. They tell me that they really enjoy

Food and Wine Pairing is Junk Science

Like the endless stream of lousy paintings sold at garage sales, or the ceaseless arguments for why climate change isn’t

Ending the Aesthetic Fallacy of Heavy Bottles

Wine producers the world over invest in unusually thick, heavy wine bottles for the sake of impressive brand aesthetics. But

#KeepWineAlive: Deals From Wineries in Trying Times

This article could be about any number of sectors of the economy. But around here we’re focused on wine. So

How to Buy Wine While Self-Isolating

We’re all going to be stuck at home for a while. That means we will need wine. And lots of

How the Government (and You) Can Save the Wine Industry From Coronavirus

Those that have been paying attention know by now that the American wine and food industries are facing an existential

Too Many Grapes in CA and WA

America’s two most important winegrowing states are suffering serious over-supply while demand slackens. One of the most hotly anticipated press

I’ll Drink to That: Winemaker Jason Lett

Episode 478 of I’ll Drink to That! was released recently, and it features Jason Lett of The Eyrie Vineyards in

Threat of 100% Wine Tariff Lifted – For Now

The US wine industry just received a bittersweet Valentine. On 14 February, the Office of the United States Trade Representative

I’m Calling Bullshit on Drone Wine Delivery

Most of us have been watching the Coronavirus disaster unfold like a slow moving train wreck around the world. It’s

Sorry, But Wine Tariffs Are Still a HUGE Problem

A couple of weeks ago, I penned my usual monthly column for Jancis Robinson, focusing on the dire threat to

I’ll Drink to That: Author and Master of Wine, Mary Ewing-Mulligan

Episode 477 of I’ll Drink to That! was released recently, and it features Mary Ewing-Mulligan, President of International Wine Center