Tag: Anomaly Vineyards

Vinography Images: The Convergence

Looking like the underwater photograph of some big purple wave, yeast and must converge at the start of a fermentation

Vinography Images: Breathing Wine

Fermenting must hits the sieve before filling the open-top, 130-gallon tank where it will be pumped up & sprayed into the

Vinography Images: The Early Taste

Purple residue of press juice stains glasses and the table in the cellar at Anomaly Vineyards in St. Helena, California.

Vinography Images: Thief in the Cave

Caught in the act. A ‘wine thief’ used to take barrel samples rests in an open bung hole at Anomaly

Vinography Images: Trace of Flow

Residue of skins and seeds coats a screen, making unique patterns after an aerating pumpover at Anomaly Vineyards in St.