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Vinography Images: Autumn Intensity

The combination of leaves changing colors for the fall and the last of the evening light turn a vineyard’s colors

Vinography Images: The Good Kind of Fire

Evening light catches the fiery Autumn colors of a vineyard in Temecula Valley. First planted in 1968, Temecula’s high-desert wine

Vinography Images: The Coming Colors

Autumn colors will soon be showing up in vineyards throughout northern California, as they are here in the Gainey Vineyard

Vinography Images: Old and New

Rolling hills in Carneros off of Dealy Lane show the fading colors of autumn grape vines even as the fresh

Vinography Images: Winter is Coming

The vines have done their work for the season, and are headed for sleep. Scraggly canes and dried tendrils make

vineyards with autumn colors

Vinography Images: Autumn Progress

Autumn ProgressSANTA YNEZ, CA: The vineyards are turning color as autumn progresses, near Santa Ynez, California. After harvest, grapevines enter

Vinography Images: The Barn

The Barn ALEXANDER VALLEY, CA: An old barn north of Healdsburg is seen at the end of a row of

Vinography Images: Carmenere Harvest

Carmenere Harvest This lovely image of the harvest in Chile captures the beauty and the namesake color of the Carmenere

Vinography Images: Vine Color

Vine Color Harvest has begun in many places in North America, and soon the vines will begin to take on