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Vinography Images: Digging Out

After red wine fermentation completes, tanks are drained of their liquid, but what remains is a wet soppy mess of

Vinography Images: Islands in the Stream

Fermenting must erupts from barrels leaving a virtual delta of sticky, fragrant juice on the floor of Fitapreta Vinhos in

Vinography Images: The Good Mess

A plastic fermentation bin, moments after it has been emptied at Anomaly Vineyards in St. Helena, California. Called “macro bins”

Vinography Images: Silent Partner

An active Pinot Noir fermentation bubbles and foams at Kistler in Forestville, CA as yeasts do their work. Winemakers get

Vinography Images: Walk the Plank

Well-used planks span the top of fermentation tanks filled with Pinot Noir at Kistler Winery in Sonoma County. Originally best-known

Vinography Images: Punchdown

Punchdown There’s an awful lot of this going on around the Northern Hemisphere. Harvest is in full swing, especially for

Cast Your Vote in the 2009 American Wine Blog Awards

The finalists for the 2009 edition of the American Wine Blog Awards have been announced, and I’m pleased to report

Nominations are Open for the 2009 American Wine Blog Awards

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