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California’s Other White Wines

Variety is the spice of life, so they say, yet most consumers tend to stick to the tried and true

Santa Barbara’s Sta. Rita Hills

If there is one part of Santa Barbara County that most embodies everything that makes the region special, it’s the

Surprising Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara was launched into the consciousness of most mainstream wine drinkers 19 years ago with the release of the

Fine California Rosé – No Longer An Oxymoron

With global rosé sales on a steady rise (to the point that they seemingly threaten to overtake red-wine consumption in

California’s Chilly SLO Coast

The phrase ‘hidden gem’ has been horribly over-used as an introduction to wine regions throughout the globe for decades. But

California’s High-Country Wines

The phrase ‘alpine wine’ is on the lips of many a sommelier these days. Thanks to the exigencies of climate

Tasting California’s Geekiest Vineyard

Psychologists analysing paratroopers divide them into three different categories: ‘courageous’, ‘fearless’ and ‘over-confident’. It’s not clear which of these would

Ingredient Labeling In Prospect in the US

On the heels of new EU requirements to make ingredient and allergen information available to consumers on wine labels (enforceable from 8

Pix—The Inside Story

American wine isn’t keeping up with the digital technology revolution, and it hasn’t been for a long while. I’m not

How Flashy is American Wine?

A slowly growing number of American winemakers are relying on the winemaking equivalent of a secret weapon. It doesn’t feature

Napa – Small Scale, Big Change

For more than 80 years, the journey up Highway 29 into Napa Valley has begun with the same view. To

Direct to America

Wine producers the world over have long coveted America’s growing consumer base of wine drinkers. But wanting access to the

America’s Wine Decline

Numbers, they say, do not lie. But the numbers to which you pay attention matter greatly. Much ado has been

An American in London

Every time I find myself strolling the streets of London, as I did for a few days in early December

Three Small Steps Forward

Understanding the byzantine nature of wine laws in the United States involves thinking not in terms of 50 separate states,

That Heat Dome: How Are Vines Coping?

On 29 June, as the so-called heat dome settled over British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon, the weather station near the Red

back label of Mayacamas kosher wine

Napa Goes Kosher

I’m a particularly bad (read: unobservant and unbelieving) Jew, but I’ve written my share of articles on kosher wines over

California Runs Dry

Over the last year or two, the ubiquitous two-word phrase ‘climate change’ has, with increasing frequency, been replaced with the

Vaccinating Wine Country

A palpable sense of relief has descended upon northern California wine country. On Wednesday 7 April the counties of Napa,