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Restaurant Review: Rubicon, San Francisco

I’ll just get it right out of the way and say that Rubicon is, and has been for years, quite

Restaurant Review: Circolo, San Francisco

I tend to forget how difficult it is for a good restaurant to create a harmony of food, service, and

Restaurant Review: Tartine Bakery, San Francisco

There’s something sinfully delicious about sitting at a sunny sidewalk table in the middle of a weekday eating a pastry.

Restaurant Review: The House, San Francisco

Continuing my interest in exploring boutique restaurants in San Francisco, I bring you The House, which is now the only

Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant: Lunch and a glass of wine

I just had lunch at the Ferry Building again (see my previous post on the subject) yesterday and thanks to

Restaurant Review: Valentina, San Francisco

It’s always hard to bring myself to write about a small, favorite neighborhood restaurant, even though I have no delusions

Restaurant Review: Piperade, San Francisco

I’ve now been to Piperade four times ” thrice for dinner, once for lunch ” and it is definitely one

Restaurant Review: Clementine, San Francisco

The first time I ate at Clementine was almost 6 years ago. It was pouring rain from a Pacific squall

Restaurant Review: Pizzetta, San Francisco

Recently, Ruth has been interested in finding some good Italian style thin-crust pizza in San Francisco, and so on a

Restaurant Review: Kyo-Ya: The Best Sushi in San Francisco

Let’s settle the great sushi debate once and for all. Every sushi aficionado I know has a favorite restaurant that

Restaurant Review: SF Ferry Plaza, San Francisco’s New Gourmet Center

I was reluctantly persuaded to head down to the San Francisco Ferry Terminal today for lunch with some colleagues, and

Restaurant Review: Watercress, San Francisco

It’s pretty easy for me to find something wrong about a restaurant — I can be an overly critical guy,

Restaurant Review: Limon, San Francisco

I enjoy being able to see into the kitchen when I’m dining out, because sometimes I learn things, and also

BYOW Night at Tablespoon

Last minute alert from ZagatWire: Tonight, February 3: Tablespoon hosts “B.Y.O.W.” Night (Bring Your Own Wine), a monthly wine and

Restaurant Review: Phenomenal Meal for Two, for Under $10, San Francisco

Way out along Balboa, under the fog belt, lies San Francisco’s greatest value meal. An unassuming little restaurant called the

Restaurant: Firecracker

There’s a certain class of restaurants that I am slowly gravitating towards as my favorite places to eat in San

Restaurant: Le Zinc

I’m always looking for good places to have brunch on Sundays in the city, and I’ve gotten tired of my

Restaurant Review: First Crush, San Francisco

It’s often fun to walk into a restaurant and feel like you’ve just discovered a place that only the hip