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Vinography Images: Flame of Freshness

A burning sulfur cake glows blue in the bunghole of an old barrel at Fitapreta Vinhos in the Alentejo region

Vinography Images: Islands in the Stream

Fermenting must erupts from barrels leaving a virtual delta of sticky, fragrant juice on the floor of Fitapreta Vinhos in

Vinography Images: Fill ‘Er Up

A barrel marked for filling rests under familiar hands at Eden Rift Vineyards in the Cienega Valley south of Gilroy,

Vinography Images: Light and Shadow

Sunlight illuminates the edges of new oak barrels as shadows fill the rest of the cellar at Dalla Valle Vineyards

holding a bung

Vinography Images: Close Your Bunghole

Workers make wooden bungs by hand to fit the old wooden foudres at Mayacamas Vineyards on Mount Veeder in Napa,

topping barrels

Vinography Images: Tight Squeeze

A cellar worker replaces a barrel bung after topping up at the Kistler winery in the town of Forestville. One

Vinography Images: The Cellar

The Cellar Old wine cellars are magical places. One of my favorite smells in the world is the damp woody

Vinography Images: Medium Toast

Medium Toast In general, the less a barrel is toasted, the more tannins and other wood characteristics will be leached

Vinography Images: The Tonnellerie

The Tonnellerie The toasting of barrels in a Tonnellerie (or cooperage) serves two purposes — to shape the barrel to