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Wine Writing Income Continues to Challenge

By Susan Kostrzewa Gloria Steinem once said that writing was the only thing she ever did where she felt she

An Important and Exciting Announcement

As many of you know, writing about wine is hardly my full time employment. With a demanding day job and

Aspiring Wine Writer? Go West Young Scribe!

The wine world is made of dreams. Some people dream about drinking wine. Some people dream about making wine. And

Hungary: Where It’s Tough to be a Wine Critic

Here in America, our government doesn’t produce its own wine, it just reserves the right to monopolize the power to

Read Some Good Wine Blogging

The fact that you’re here, reading this, means I don’t have much convincing to do when it comes to turning

Gerald Asher on Wine Writing

This week I’m living in two worlds. Not by choice mind you, but mostly because I can’t leave the day

Rodney Strong and the Utter Stupidity of the FTC

I’m in a pissy mood. At first I thought it was because I ordered a Pinot Noir tonight at a

So You Wanna Be a Wine Writer?

The wine world is made of dreams. Some people dream about drinking wine. Some people dream about making wine. And

The Great Wine Writer Migration of 2008-2009?

Something unusual is happening in the world of wine writing. While not surprising given the disastrous conditions in the market

Eric Asimov and the Tyranny of the Tasting Note in American Wine Culture

As many of you know, I spent the last week as a speaker and attendee at the fifth annual Symposium

At The Symposium for Professional Wine Writers

This afternoon I again had the honor of joining some of the best wine writers in the world for the

Tough Time to be a Wine Writer

In a contracting economy, the last things you want to sell are goods and services that people consider discretionary luxuries.

Put a Cork in it: Screwcap Wine Closures Are Not Endangering Animals!

Why do I feel like the wine media watchdog these days? Maybe the holiday spirit brings out the misinformation campaigns

Dangerous Wine or Dangerous Reporting?

I look up to journalists. I really do. They actually get paid for doing what I play at here every

Wine Critics are Parasites, But That Doesn’t Mean We Can Be Bought

One of the world’s leading wine critics has just proclaimed that wine writers, journalists, and critics are all parasites. According