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The Elegance of Age: Tasting South Africa’s Oldest Vines

Old vines make better wines. Like so many broad generalizations in the wine industry, that’s a verifiably false statement. Plenty

Flavors of Age: Tasting Australia’s Old Vines

We make something of a fuss in the wine world about old vines. Undoubtedly, there’s something romantic about tasting the

Tasting California’s Ancient Vines: Lodi’s Heritage Vineyards

“Pssssst. Hey, buddy.” The sound came from just ahead me and to the left. At first I didn’t think it

Redeeming Lodi, California

Analogies can be dangerous, but for anyone who doesn’t know the more detailed geography of California, it may be easiest

Noon Winery, McLaren Vale, Australia: Current Releases

The term garagiste, originally coined as a pejorative referring to the small wineries in Bordeaux’s Right Bank who were making

Vinography Images: Old Vine

Old Vine The whorls and gnarls of old vines are like fingerprints. I never get tired of looking at their

Vinography Images: Mixed Blacks

Mixed Blacks This old vine Zinfandel, with its gnarled trunk and colorful leaves is a good reminder of California’s winemaking