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Vinography Images: Mixed Blacks

Mixed Blacks This old vine Zinfandel, with its gnarled trunk and colorful leaves is a good reminder of California’s winemaking

Vinography Images: The Perfect Cluster

The Perfect Cluster Is there such thing as the perfect cluster of grapes? As wine lovers we don’t spend much

Introducing Photographer Andy Katz

Whenever I think of Andy Katz, I will always remember a particular moment from my trip to South Africa in

Don’t Try This At Home. At Least Not With Good Wine.

I love the Internet. If only because it never ceases to be a source of moments that leave you scratching

Images of the South African Winelands

For those who are interested, here are some of the photographs I took while in South Africa. The winelands, as

Vinography Images: The Tinsel Vineyard

The Tinsel Vineyard “As soon as the vines begin to bear fruit, they become targets for all manner of attacks

Vinography Images: The Vineyard Fence

The Vineyard Fence “One of the things I really enjoy about Michael’s approach to Vineyard photography has to do with

Vinography Images: The Rolling Hills

The Rolling Hills “In some respects, vineyards make for fairly uninteresting photographic subject matter. The uniformity of the rows, the

Vinography Images: Water Droplet

Water Droplet “Taking interesting pictures in vineyards isn’t easy. While many are surely picturesque, there is a lot of sameness

Vinography Images: Path to Tree

Path to tree “Photographing vineyards isn’t the easiest thing in the world. While they all have their own particular beauties,