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Vinography Images: Spotless and Ready

A view up into the motionless core of a destemming machine, whose rubber blades and mesh of holes neatly separate

Vinography Images: Good Vibrations

Shiny berries of Cabernet Sauvignon and just a few stem jacks are all that is left after the vibrating sorting

Vinography Images: Flame of Freshness

A burning sulfur cake glows blue in the bunghole of an old barrel at Fitapreta Vinhos in the Alentejo region

Vinography Images: The Color of Delicious

New wine shines a vivid garnet-purple against the metal of the press pan during pressing at Anomaly Vineyards in St.

Vinography Images: Constellations of Life

Looking like nothing so much as maps of constellations, patterns emerge in the bubbles of fermenting yeasts in a talha,

Vinography Images: Breathing Wine

Fermenting must hits the sieve before filling the open-top, 130-gallon tank where it will be pumped up & sprayed into the

Vinography Images: Tight Cellar

The packed, and well-used cellar of Mee Godard in the Beaujolais village of Morgon is starkly illuminated by flourescent lights

Vinography Images: The Early Taste

Purple residue of press juice stains glasses and the table in the cellar at Anomaly Vineyards in St. Helena, California.

Vinography Images: Feel the Flavor

A Cabernet pumpover proceeds at Covert Estate in the Coombsville AVA of Napa Valley. The French term is remontage, which

Vinography Images: The Gift of Air

Cabernet Sauvignon hits the splash pan to aerate during pump overs at Outpost Estate atop Napa’s Howell Mountain. Known as

steaming barrels

Vinography Images: Steaming Barrels

Steaming Barrels, Mayacamas VineyardsA cellar worker cleans barrels at the famed Mayacamas Vineyards estate on the top of Mount Veeder

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