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Wine Writing in 2020: Where Do We Stand?

The pandemic has disrupted and ruined so many well-laid plans. One of mine was to attend the Wine Media Conference

Red Wine

Explore The Spectrum of Napa Cabernet With Me, Sept 8th

UPDATE: This event was rescheduled from its earlier date and will now be held on September 8th at 10:00 AM

WINeFare Women in Natural Wine Tasting: March 7, San Francisco

The wine world, tied as it is to cultural and historical traditions (or boat anchors, depending on your point of

2020 Sonoma Garagiste Festival: February 15, Sonoma

One of my favorite pastimes involves tasting wines made by small winemakers who either are just beginning their journeys to

Vinography Images: Mirror to the Sky

Mirror to the Sky SANTA YNEZ, CA: Reflections on the irrigation pond at Grimm’s Bluff Vineyard & Winery are viewed

2020 Zinfandel Experience: February 1, San Francisco

Once upon a time, there was a lonely grape, taken far from its homeland in Croatia, planted in a strange

Top 100 Tasting Comes to NYC for the First Time: January 14th

Once per year I wax rhapsodic about what I feel is the single best publicly available one-day wine tasting event

2019 Wine & Spirits Top 100 Tasting: October 10, San Francisco

There are wine tastings, and then there are wine tastings. The annual Wine & Spirits Magazine Top 100 Tasting is

57th Annual Napa Wine Library Tasting: August 4, Napa

Dedicated wine lovers in the San Francisco Bay area get several opportunities each year to indulge their passions for wine.

Seven Percent Solution Tasting: June 2, Los Angeles

There comes a point in every intrepid wine lover’s life when the well-traveled road must be left behind. One can

Signature Sonoma Valley Icon Tasting: May 17, 2019, Sonoma

Most people, when they come visit me in San Francisco and ask to be taken to wine country, assume that

22nd Annual Anderson Valley Pinot Noir Festival: May 18, Navarro, CA

California Pinot Noir lovers take note. Wine lovers with a free weekend, listen up. It’s Spring, and the wine events

Howell Mountain Bud Break Tasting: March 23, San Francisco

Regular readers know that I’m in the habit of plugging public wine tasting events for the sole reason that they

2019 Zinfandel Experience: January 17, San Francisco

I’m not exactly sure how long a particular event has to have been going on for it to be credibly

Spring Mountain Harvest Tasting: November 18, San Francisco

When most people think of Napa, they likely think of broad swaths of vineyards sweeping back from the edges of

Russian River Single Vineyard Tasting: November 15, San Francisco

Longtime readers will know that I make it a point to promote events that provide an opportunity to really educate

20th Annual PinotFest Tasting: November 17, San Francisco

One of the longest running wine tasting events in San Francisco is also one of its best. While the city

Masters of Wine Champagne Tasting: September 24, San Francisco

In the villages of Champagne, harvest having taken place more than a week ago, the wine is already through its

56th Annual Napa Wine Library Tasting: August 26, Napa

Dedicated wine lovers in the San Francisco Bay area get several opportunities each year to indulge their passions for wine.