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2018 Family Winemakers Tasting: August 26, San Francisco

I continue to post news of large public wine tasting events because they are quite simply the single best way

2018 Calistoga Uncorked Tasting: July 12, San Francisco

For most people, the name “Napa” on a bottle is all they need to know if they’re interested in wine.

Two Ways to Celebrate Women in Wine this July

While the catalysts of today’s movements focusing on and empowering women are often horrific and tragic, the attention now being

Silicon Valley Wine Auction: May 20, Saratoga

Given their proximity, you might expect that the nouveau riche of Silicon Valley might have more awareness of the quality

21st Annual Anderson Valley Pinot Noir Festival: May 19, Navarro, CA

California Pinot Noir lovers take note. Wine lovers with a free weekend, listen up. It’s Spring, and the wine events

Garagiste Wine Festival, North Coast Edition: May 12, Sonoma

One of my favorite pastimes involves tasting wines made by small winemakers who either are just beginning their journeys to

2018 Taste of Mendocino Tasting: April 7, San Francisco

It’s tough getting attention as a wine region in Northern California if you aren’t Napa or Sonoma. These two regions

Drink Amazing Riesling at Rieslingfeier: January 27, New York City

Did you know that at the turn of the 19th Century, the Rieslings of Germany were more costly and sought

2017 Pinot Days Tasting: November 11, San Francisco

There’s a reason that I publicize large tasting events here on Vinography. There’s simply no better way to learn about

19th Annual PinotFest: November 18, San Francisco

One of the longest running wine tasting events in San Francisco is also one of its best. While the city

Spring Mountain District Tasting: November 16, San Francisco

Many people visit Napa Valley without ever setting foot on some of its best terroir. Valley floor wineries are so

55th Annual Wine Library Tasting: August 13, Napa

Dedicated wine lovers in the San Francisco Bay area get several opportunities each year to indulge their passions for wine.

Third Annual Oakland Wine Festival: July 15, Berkeley

San Francisco and its East Bay Cities are a lot like Napa and Sonoma when it comes to the wine

2017 Rhone Rangers Tasting: June 10, San Francisco

Spring is in the air here in San Francisco. As if your allergies weren’t already making that painfully obvious. Longer

Tasting Progress at the 2017 Sonoma County Barrel Auction

Wine auctions are big business. Many major wine regions around the country and around the world hold auctions of some

2017 Garagiste Winemakers Tasting: April 1, Solvang, CA

One of my favorite pastimes involves tasting wines made by small winemakers who either are just beginning their journeys to

The 2017 Zinfandel Experience: February 25, San Francisco

I’m not exactly sure how long a particular event has to have been going on for it to be credibly

2016 Pinot on the River Tasting: October 23, Healdsburg

Now is a bucolic time to be wandering around wine country. Harvest has completed for most wineries, and wines are

Grapetionary Wine Tasting: October 29, San Juan Bautista, CA

More than any other virtue, I believe the chiefest virtue of the wine lover to be curiosity. Here’s what I